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Careers privacy policy


The Red Flag Group Careers Privacy Policy

By submitting an application or registering interest for employment with The Red Flag Group Limited (RFG) you will supply us with personal information that is subject to data protection legislation in the country in which you are based.

Because of the nature of RFG, it is common for personal information collected by the prospective employing entity to be disclosed to other entities in RFG. The purpose of that disclosure is in connection with your application for employment and for those entities to assist in providing administrative and human resources support services, risk management and for the overall management of RFG.

These entities may be located in another jurisdiction, and personal information may be transferred to other jurisdictions with different data protection laws. Each of the RFG employing entities is responsible for the shared use of personal information within RFG and endeavours to ensure that access to and use of the personal information is appropriately limited to prevent its misuse or unlawful disclosure.


1. Once submitted we will use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To assess and administer your application for employment in accordance with our standard recruitment practices, including conducting testing and reference checks
  • To communicate with you in relation to your application
  • To monitor and review our recruitment practices.

2. If your application is unsuccessful we may retain your information on file in case a more appropriate opportunity becomes available. We will not retain this information longer than 12 months from the submission. You are free to contact us if you do not wish us to retain your information.

3. You can contact us by phone, fax, mail or email and request access to your personal information. In normal circumstances, we will give you full access to your personal information, however there may be some legal or administrative reason to deny you access - in which case we will tell you our reason.

4. You may request amendments, corrections or deletions if your personal information is inaccurate, outdated or incomplete.

5. You are not required by law to disclose your personal information to us, but we may not be able to accept or process your application for employment if you do not supply this information.