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Screen companies and people against our database

Sanctions, watchlist, blacklist and adverse media across up to 30 risk areas and 194 countries

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Avoid the costly legal, financial and reputational damage that comes from engaging the wrong company or person

Protect your company: IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening is designed to provide a first line of defence against working with companies and people that have a known poor record when it comes to business, compliance, ethics or integrity.

IntegraWatch® Compliance Screening is a database of people and organisations that appear on government sanctions lists or watchlists, are politically exposed persons (PEPs), are state-owned entities (SOEs), or have been identified by a reputable media source as presenting a risk as in one or more of up to 30 key risk areas.

Global coverage translated into 26 languages

With research capabilities in 26 languages, our compliance analysts are adding more relevant information into the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening Database each day.

One database. One search.

All the various pieces of data are unified into one single database, meaning one search can reveal hits from multiple sources.

Unrivalled risk coverage for the entire organisation

We cover up to 30 risk areas. This means that the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening can be used by the supplier team to search for suppliers involved in all kinds of incidents.

Accurate and continuously audited data

The data is constantly checked and frequently updated by our compliance analysts to ensure that it is always up to date.

Access from anywhere

Web-based via subscription or accessible through an API link into your own systems, IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening has flexible pricing and access arrangements.

Protect your company, today!

IntegraWatch® is ideal for:

Companies that want to check a target name

against a compliance database to see whether the target has been engaged in negative integrity, ethics, reputation or compliance issues across 257 countries and up to 30 key risk areas

Companies seeking to screen their customers, resellers,

distributors, suppliers and employees to see if they have been involved in corrupt activities, money laundering or fraud, are sanctioned by a government authority, or have any other negative compliance issues across multiple risk areas

The data screened against includes:

Global sanctions,

denied parties and watchlists issued by over 100 governments worldwide

State-owned entities

and majority-owned entities managed by governments in 221 countries

Profiles from English and non-English sources

collected and curated by our team of analysts, that show companies and people being involved in negative compliance issues in 257 countries and up to 30 key risk areas

Politically exposed persons

and other senior members of government in 243 countries

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening is a truly global database with monitoring of one or more primary local news outlets in every country of the world, covering 26 different languages. The adverse media data is summarised and categorised into one of up to 30 different risk areas allowing for refined search capabilities and easy determination of risk by our own compliance analysts.


IntegraWatch® brings you the most up-to-date information regarding heightened-risk individuals and entities to help you make informed business decisions and avoid costly legal, financial and reputational damage.

Have a reseller or partner in China?

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening includes over 22,000 Chinese companies where compliance issues have been identified. Search in English or Chinese to identify which companies may expose you to unnecessary risks.

Have a customer in Russia?

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening includes over 176,000 Russian company and individual profiles, including over 150,000 state-owned entities. Search in English or Cyrillic to ascertain whether your partner is state-controlled.

Exporting to the Middle East?

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening contains sanction lists as well as blacklist and watchlist data to ensure that you minimise the risk of dealing with a sanctioned entity or individual. You can search in English and in the local language to find the relevant profile.

Our clients are global and so is our focus

We have 15 global offices with access to local knowledge in 194 countries and over 26 languages using our own in-house compliance analysts.

We monitor one or more local media sources in every country of the world, providing valuable information on risks that would otherwise remain unknown. Our database contains over 4.7 million records from over 2,500 sources and is growing daily. You will have the ability to cast a wide net when it comes to KYC screening and your third parties.

Our value is in the mix of active analyses and smart technology



Searches proprietary keywords against defined web-based news publications every 24 hours. These keyword searches pull out articles published by news sources during the preceding 24-hour period.


Highly qualified country experts, drawn from our compliance analysts, evaluate the articles identified by our news monitoring technology for inclusion in the database. Irrelevant news is discarded, ensuring only relevant risks are presented.


Each risk identified by our compliance analysts is classified into one of up to 30 risk areas. This aids the user in efficient remediation of hits and narrowing of search criteria when conducting searches.


Every identified risk is succinctly summarised to convey the nature of the risk while reducing the amount of time needed by users to understand the issue presented.

All submissions by our analysts are fully reviewed and accepted by a content manager who specialises in their specific region. Data is only published when it has been thoroughly evaluated, verified and checked. IntegraWatch® technology facilitates this quality-assurance process and further serves to effectively screen all automated systems related to sanctions monitoring.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has a quality management system (ISO 9001) designed to help organisations ensure that the needs of their customers, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements, are met in relation to a product, service or programme.

These standards, which we have implemented across the business, involve the following principles:

Customer focus


Engagement of people

Process approach


Evidence-based decision making

Relationship management

The quality-assurance processes we have developed and implemented are all documented and follow The Red Flag Group®’s quality policy, which is part of the ISO 9001 Quality Manual, to ensure that we meet our quality commitments and objectives and are continuously improving.

Web-based or accessible through your own systems, IntegraWatch® makes it easier than ever for you to be compliant and risk aware


IntegraWatch® web/mobile access

Access to IntegraWatch® through our web and mobile platforms. The pricing is per user, and each user can conduct as many searches as they like for the period in which the user licence is valid. This is the simplest model of accessing the IntegraWatch® data and you can easily buy additional users at any time.

IntegraWatch® for

For organisations that use as their CRM platform, we have a ready-made IntegraWatch® for Salesforce that allows you to connect to your CRM and check leads, accounts and contacts from your CRM automatically with the IntegraWatch® database. Pricing for this service is on a per-user basis (through your CRM) and can be purchased through

IntegraWatch® API access

For organisations that use another software that holds information that they want to screen against the IntegraWatch® database, we have a ready-made IntegraWatch® API that allows you to connect to your software platform (e.g. CRM, ERP or homegrown system) and check names automatically with the IntegraWatch® database. Pricing for this service is usually per search and can be purchased through our sales team.

IntegraWatch® Managed Services

For organisations that need manpower to work through a backlog of searches or want us to manage a daily search check or some other model, we provide our managed services offering to support your programme. These resources are available for a set fee for a set period of time, or we are able to work on an outsourced basis.

IntegraWatch® plugin now available for your CRM

IntegraWatch® can now plugin to your current management systems including the Salesforce® CRM.

Now made it even easier to screen counterparties by integrating IntegraWatch® inside your CRM so you can quickly check and validate the health of your partners and suppliers before doing business with them.

Turn your current management system into one holistic platform for all your compliance needs so you can effectively enhance the accessibility, speed, and convenience of your current workflows.


Automatically screen your CRM Accounts and Contacts daily without lifting a finger

Perform unlimited IntegraWatch® searches


Get notified when a red flag is issued with automated monitoring alerts