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Streamline your supplier onboarding process and continually monitor for new risks

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An innovative supply chain ethics, integrity and compliance risk management solution

Organisations can be caught off-guard when the bad behaviour of their suppliers brings negative attention and customer backlash. The trial by media can often lead to significant reputational damage. The question that you need to ask is how to get the supply chain transparency that you need to truly understand the integrity risk that suppliers represent?

  • Supplier Integrity® is a dedicated risk-management system that allows you to assess potential suppliers for compliance, integrity and reputational risks, so you know when to walk away – and when to run
  • The onboarding process provides a comprehensive audit trail of steps taken to identify, assess and remediate any concerns, giving you the comfort of proof of process and a defensible position if anything goes wrong
  • Designed to automate compliance and integrity risk assessments of suppliers while easily integrating with your existing tools and processes

Automate risk assessments

Assessing and managing supplier risk can be complex and resource intensive. With Supplier Integrity®, both compliance and procurement professionals work with one consolidated view of supplier risk data, enabling them to make better-informed decisions.

Integrate with your systems

Supplier Integrity® integrates with vendor-management and resource-planning systems to provide governance and formally manage ethics, integrity and compliance risk-review processes, and provide the real-time status of each supplier risk assessment throughout the onboarding process.

Identify risks that are relevant to you

Unlike the ‘check-the-box’ compliance approach, Supplier Integrity® calculates a specific risk score for each potential supplier by assessing the information about that supplier against the unique integrity risks that are relevant to your business and industry and the relationship with the supplier. 

Protect your business

Leverage our proprietary risk-assessment methodology to protect your business from ethics, integrity and compliance risks.

Bring transparency

When a risk appropriate level of assessment is conducted during supplier onboarding, potential risks are identified and become known. This transparency allows you to proactively monitor suppliers and take necessary action in the face of disruptions.

Improve team efficiency

Not all suppliers require the same level of scrutiny. Supplier Integrity® takes a risk-based approach to the onboarding assessment process so that stakeholders are not wasting time on unnecessary assessment tasks.


Why Supplier Integrity®?

Onboard and manage the integrity of new suppliers
Supplier Integrity® elevates transparency to ensure supply chain resilience. Our risk intelligence and data allow you to lead, act, inform, automate and manage.
  • An innovative complement to existing supply chain tools with integrity risk protection so that you may feel confident in your suppliers’ ethical behaviour
  • Allows your team to quickly assess supplier risk and identify potential problems that may arise in the future so that you can act before the issues unfold
  • Real-time access to risk-based screening
  • Order IntegraCheck® enhanced due diligence reports directly from within Supplier Integrity®, giving you in-depth background information about a potential supplier
  • Easily implement your existing process into Supplier Integrity® using our highly configurable dynamic workflows
  • Combines the power of enriched risk research, business intelligence data and an advanced automation platform to help your business identify and respond to unexpected supplier and network disruptions

Simplify background checks

When deciding on critical suppliers, you need complete confidence in the background details. IntegraCheck® due diligence reports put enhanced risk intelligence in your hands to make well informed partnering decisions.

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Instantly screen suppliers

Supplier screening is the minimum level of protection needed to defend against integrity issues. IntegraWatch® compliance screening database returns instant results against a comprehensive list of sanctions and watchlists, adverse media and thousands of other sources.

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Extend your team

Lack of skilled resources should not prevent carefully vetting suppliers that you partner with. Our Compliance Managed Services® team is available to take on the burden of routine programme tasks, allowing your staff to focus on business critical efforts.

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Automate risk assessments

Assessing and managing supplier risk can be complex and resource intensive. Automation with Supplier Integrity® technology platform streamlines your processes letting you focus on risks that matter most to your business.

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Simplify background checks

IntegraCheck® due diligence reports put enhanced risk intelligence in your hands to make well informed partnering decisions.

  • Get access to curated due diligence reports that include risk areas that matter most to you using comprehensive country and industry-based intelligence and expertise
  • Provides knowledge, insight, and advice, based on your specific risk appetite, helping you to make better decisions when selecting or onboarding new partners, suppliers, vendors and other third parties
  • To date we have completed over 500,000 integrity due diligence reports on companies and individuals around the world using a multilingual team of research specialists located in 194 countries
  • Our difference is the analysis performed by our IntegraRating system which produces a risk score that covers all facets of the business which you are investigating

Instantly screen suppliers

IntegraWatch® compliance screening database returns instant results against a comprehensive list of sanctions and watchlists, adverse media and thousands of other sources.

  • A database drawing on over 2,500 of the most reputable sources and examined by a worldwide team of compliance experts means that you can access a wealth of business-critical information in one place
  • With research capabilities in 45 languages, IntegraWatch® offers you truly global coverage of potential risks in your global networks and partners
  • Keep ahead of fast-paced and often opaque regulatory developments so you can reduce your exposure to possible enforcement actions
  • A solution that supports the needs of the entire organisation means less cost and greater efficiencies for you
  • Comprehensive data that meets cross-industry and cross-functional needs that is fully and continuously audited

Onboard suppliers and build supply chains that are stable and profitable.

Through our Managed Onboarding Services for suppliers, you can outsource supplier onboarding to The Red Flag Group’s expert team. Supplier Integrity® platform runs key steps in your process, including:

  • building profiles on suppliers
  • reviewing risk analyses to determine appropriate workflow requirements
  • sending questionnaires to gather data and evaluate risk
  • running database screens to identify integrity, performance and business-stability issues
  • communicating status updates to your procurement teams

By outsourcing onboarding to our team, your organisation can:

  • ensure suppliers are onboarded based on your programme requirements
  • establish a stable supplier ecosystem
  • identify issues to proactively minimise risk
  • reduce onboarding times
  • reduce the administrative burden on your teams, so they can spend more time focusing on priorities.

For a case study on how our services have benefitted several clients around the globe, or to find out more, contact us.

Traditional procurement processes do not consider ethics, integrity and compliance risks in the supplier evaluation process, and that puts your organisation at significant risk.

Supplier Integrity® has our proprietary risk analyser built in, which displays an individualised assessment across several risk areas for each supplier. The risk score allows suppliers to be assigned to risk tiers and supports a risk-based onboarding programme for assessing compliance and integrity risks.

Prepared for supply chain disruptions

Supplier Integrity® gives you the tools to rapidly assess the business continuity of your suppliers, and efficiently pivot to alternative sources with confidence in the integrity and compliance of new suppliers.


  • Engage in a risk roundtable

  • Identify integrity risk areas

  • Evaluate supplier categories
    for suppliers presenting amplified risk

  • Develop a risk review workflow
    for each risk area covered

  • Define a project plan for your Supplier Integrity® risk management process


  • Choose off-the-shelf functionality for quick implementation, or define a configuration to meet the unique needs of your organisation

  • Make updates to your process with the easy-to-use administrator’s module

    • Maintain compliance with ever-changing reporting requirements
    • Adapt to the needs of your suppliers to minimise business impact
    • Make educated decisions through mitigation activities relevant to each supplier’s business


  • Integrate risk management activities
    within the procurement process providing a unique supply chain risk management solution that better addresses ethics, integrity, & compliance risk issues

  • Seamlessly manage scheduled
    or event-driven data transfers from your CRM, VMS or ERP systems via AWS gateway.


  • Work with a designated Supplier Integrity® Client Implementation Manager

    • Accelerate your implementation
    • Optimise your setup with expert knowledge and experienced support

  • Meet organisational requirements with flexible solution designs that will allow you to:

    • Achieve higher end-user adoption rates
    • Receive guidance on defining metrics and reporting processes
    • Achieve a faster return on your investment


  • Rest assured there will always be an experienced professional available to help

  • Our help desk spans 21 time zones and offers support via email, phone, and online chat

  • Receive best-of-breed support and collaboration on any technical or connectivity issue

  • Visit our support page for contact information