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ComplianceDesktop® third-party onboarding technology


Turning risks into rewards for your business

Our due diligence service provides knowledge, insight and advice, based on your specific risk appetite, helping you make better decisions when selecting and onboarding partners.

Identifying the relevant risks and providing the correct analysis may seem straightforward, but it is never easy.

compliance screening

A complete due diligence solution

Order and receive due diligence reports round the clock with our automated delivery solution.

We take a comprehensive approach to completing due diligence. We assess and present relevant facts to you and your business, taking into account the full spectrum of risk areas.

Global expertise drives relevant findings

Our Research & Analysis team has members from over 194 countries, covering 45 languages.

They understand the local business environment, risks and laws that could impact your organisation and brand reputation.

We definitely get value for the dollar with ComplianceDesktop®. The firm is honest and ethical and charge a reasonable fee for their service.

Director, Compliance

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Easily determine whether an individual or organisation could present compliance or integrity risks to your company

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening is integrated into our ComplianceDesktop® platform and ensures you make informed decisions before engaging with a potential partner.


Improve internal efficiencies

Conduct one search to screen multiple categories of risks, including sanctions, watchlists, SOEs, PEPs and adverse media.

Relevant and timely updates

Daily monitoring of individuals or organisations ensures you receive the latest information on any potential risks, including any changes in circumstance for a particular entity.

Global coverage

Our multilingual searching allows you to search names in the local language, avoiding human translation errors that could cause you to miss a critical update.

Configurable options

The platform’s batch-screening functionality lets you conduct project-based searches for specific engagements or for a large number of entities – simply complete and upload a predefined template and initiate your search with just a few clicks.

Relevant results and flexible search options

Built-in powerful matching algorithms provide faster and more accurate screening results.

You have the flexibility to choose how you want to search – with specifics or with more general terms.

Monitor any partner so that you are automatically informed if a new risk emerges that could potentially impact your business

You have the flexibility to set up automated notifications and additional reviewers as required to make sure the right individuals receive the most relevant results.

  • Quickly determine whether an organisation or person is included on a government sanction or watchlist, is a state-owned entity (SOE) or is a politically exposed person (PEP)
  • 30 critical risk areas – identified by our compliance experts as those that could expose you and your company to financial, regulatory and reputational obstacles and are therefore the most critical to manage – are continuously monitored and reviewed
  • We rate the severity of all issues we enter into the database to allow you to understand any findings more efficiently
  • Receive daily monitoring and email alerts when new updates are available on screened entities
  • Seamlessly complete integrated workflows, such as ordering due diligence or completing a third-party compliance questionnaire, based on the risks presented
  • Add reviewers to a case with one click so you can assure the right people are included in your analysis and approval thresholds