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Our Annual Report 2019/20

Our Annual Report 2019/20

Welcome to our 2019/20 Annual Report

The Annual Report 2019/20 not only presents the challenges we faced and the achievements we accomplished over the last year, but also introduces our goals, perspective and vision for the years ahead.

The report demonstrates in detail how we have committed to continuously helping companies make better decisions when selecting their key stakeholders in spite of the last year’s unexpected events, such as the wildfires in Australia, social situation in Hong Kong, conflicts in the Middle East, volcano eruptions in the Philippines and global meltdown following the COVID-19 outbreak.

This document also includes a special article which underlines the valuable contribution that the female professionals in compliance keep bringing every day to the development of The Red Flag Group®. We believe that company boards that embrace gender diversity significantly outperform those that do not and our firm is proud to have a workforce of over 47 percent women, who are present on every level and in every department of the firm.

Last but not least, we are also fully aware that without our clients, suppliers and key supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are today, trusted by over 900 organisations worldwide. Being committed to your success, we will always strive to exceed your expectations by improving our society for a future outlook and helping you make Better Decisions™.