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Helping clients address their anti-bribery and anti-corruption challenges

Helping clients address their anti-bribery and anti-corruption challenges

Corruption is undoubtedly one of the most pressing challenges facing both public and private sectors globally. The vice has a chilling ability to undermine and frustrate economic development, social stability and business profitability. When it occurs in the public sector, governments may be unable to provide better social services like healthcare, education and housing. This has led to social unrest, protests, rioting and widespread looting in many countries because people no longer trust their government.

In the private sector, the occurrence of corruption has caused stock falls, company shut downs, tarnished reputations, product boycotts, led to prosecutions and heavy fines resulting in colossal financial losses. Shareholders and investors are increasingly refusing to be associated with poor corporate governance structures or without any visible compliance framework.

Civil society, investors, the media, consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly requiring governments and businesses to engage in ethical governance practices and avoid corruption. Others demand governmental entities and private businesses to show proof that they have processes and procedures to address unethical governance conducts within their establishments.  

Corruption is not limited to any specific sector, industry, investment, country or business. It cuts across different spheres of society, creating one of the most difficult integrity and compliance challenges to address. The rate at which high-ranking politicians, influential business executives and well-known companies are getting caught up in corrupt activities is overwhelming and shows little sign of slowing down. Numerous cases have been reported where c-suite executives have been jailed for engaging in corrupt practices. Politicians have been removed from office due to corruption and many institutions suffer from the dealings of corrupt individuals looking to achieve personal gain.

To curtail the negative effects of corruption, governments and regulators around the world have enacted laws like the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and other similar laws that oblige companies and people to take steps to ensure that they are not engaged in corrupt practices. Pressure is also mounting from the public for businesses and governments to avoid corruption. Recently, whistleblowing activities have increased the awareness of potentially corrupt government officials. Despite having these laws and public pressure, acts of corruption continue to strive, posing a big challenge for many businesses, governments and people around the world.   

As we commemorate this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day on Monday, 9 December 2019, we highlight some of our products, solutions and services that we have built to help existing and prospective clients address their Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) challenges, as well as 30 risk areas that undermine business growth, integrity, profitability and civil stability.

Why you need to partner with us

Private companies, government entities, charities, and NGOs have legal, regulatory and moral obligations to uphold high ethical standards within their governance structures to ensure public trust, morality and confidence. To attain such trust and confidence, for 13 years The Red Flag Group®  has been developing tools and technologies that clients around the world are relying on to avoid corrupt practices in their establishment. Clients drawn from different industries and sizes - MNC, SME, sole proprietorships - depend on our products to make Better Decisions.

Our products and solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into clients’ compliance frameworks, business strategies are easily configurable into their CRM or ERP using a secure API.

We have carefully engineered our products to fill the gaps in our clients’ compliance framework using not only our advanced technology but also our professionals who are subject matter experts in each region of the world. This is what makes The Red Flag Group® unique when comparing us to our competitors. We use a 360 degree compliance approach with both human curated and intelligent technology

We are considered industry leaders in compliance because we are known for driving innovation in the industry and exceeding client expectations.

We are constantly building and consistently enhancing our products to conform with our clients’ feedback, their requirements, risk appetite, ABAC needs, moral obligations, industries they do business in, regions they operate, market dynamics, industry trends as well as their global reach. Utilising the best talent and skills in the market, we create solutions that are client-focused because their interest is the core of what we do. This is our utmost pledge to everyone of our clients.   

When building our products and solutions, we don’t simply follow what others are doing. We innovate by filling the compliance gaps of our clients and prioritise our clients’ needs using this as a key enabler to help them make or stop multimillion dollar decisions with information they can trust. Our products and solutions conform to all relevant international and regional laws, regulations and requirements, giving clients a transparent assurance as to the scope and scale of our secure environment. We are certified by renowned authorities including but not limited to BSI Group.

Call to action

There has been rapid change with compliance goals directly linked to business goals. This means that compliance or anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) are not solely looked at from a legal or compliance point of view but from a business perspective. To ensure that clients meet their business goals, we highly recommend that clients reconsider their business goals and look at solutions that actually add value to their business with simplicity and effectiveness. We strongly encourage clients and prospects to be proactive than reactive starting with our products, solutions and services.  

ComplianceDesktop® I Compliance Technology Platform

ComplianceDesktop® is a complete compliance management solution that’s integrated, effective and practical to help clients to manage key areas of their compliance programmes and make Better Decisions on their channel partners. Through, ComplianceDesktop®, clients can; manage their third parties, ABAC compliance, order due diligence reports, issue out and customise questionnaires, screen their partners, keep track of their Gift, Travel and Entertainment records, manage their whistleblower reports as well as their conflict of interest declarations. ComplianceDesktop® is a web-based technology platform where clients can manage all their compliance needs via a single integrated seamless system. The platform has and continues to help numerous clients build their compliance framework from nothing because of its multiple functionalities, cost-effectiveness and easy configuration. ComplianceDesktop® is regarded as a number one onboarding platform for third parties based on client testimonials and user reviews.

IntegraCheck® I Integrity Due Diligence

IntegraCheck® due diligence reports provide clients enriched data and information on companies and individuals they do or intend to partner with. Our reports are designed to provide premium-quality data, business intelligence and general profile of the target, giving clients a clear understanding and knowledge of the target. Unlike other due diligence reports, IntegraCheck® provides clients with a 10-points risk system known as IntegraRating® is that is customised to clients’ risk exposure and appetite given that risks differ from one client to the other. Another unique feature in IntegraCheck®, is Peer Benchmarking, a feat that helps clients understand how their existing or prospective partners compare when measured against peers in the same country and industry. Using this information, clients are able to determine who to do business with or they shouldn’t engage. Our reports are written by over 200 qualified and certified compliance professionals who provide local insights and country knowledge in over 45 local languages. The data we use on our reports is legally obtained through official records, carefully vetted open sources, subscribed databases and proprietary archives.   

IntegraWatch® I Compliance Screening

IntegraWatch® is a database that allows clients to check the names of people and companies against a purpose-built database containing over five million records spread across all industries and over 194 countries. Our database is updated daily to ensure that clients can check a target name against a compliance database to see whether the target has been engaged in negative integrity, ethics, reputation or compliance-related issues 30 key risk areas. IntegraWatch® is a global database with monitoring of at least one or more primary local news outlets in every country of the world covering 54 different languages. The adverse media data is summarised and categorised into one of the 30 different risk areas allowing for refined search capabilities and easy determination of risk by our compliance analysts. IntegraWatch® is updated daily with records from government agencies, subscribed databases, proprietary records and official lists like Office of Foreign Asset Control List, United Nations Sanctions List, Her Majesty’s Treasury Sanctions List, European Union Sanctions List, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade List, and Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Person List. This is to ensure that all records are up-to-date with any individual or company that may pose risks to clients is flagged. Clients can access web-based IntegraWatch® by buying a subscription or accessible through an API link into their own systems. IntegraWatch® is flexible in the pricing and access arrangements.

Supplier Integrity® I Supplier Risk Management

Supplier Integrity® is a platform designed to automate the compliance and integrity risk assessment of suppliers, and easily integrates with clients’ existing tools and processes. Designed by global compliance experts, the platform complements existing procurement tools with a layer of protection against the integrity risk brought on by unknowingly engaging the wrong suppliers. Unlike the “check-the-box” compliance approach, Supplier Integrity® uses information about a potential supplier to calculate a risk score based on the unique integrity risks that are relevant to clients’ business, industry and the relationship they have with a supplier. Supplier Integrity® enables clients a risk based approach to supplier onboarding and gives them preferred approach to address the risk issues unique to each supplier’s business, region, and your company’s specific relationship with them.

IntegraCall® I AI-driven Whistleblowing Platform

IntegraCall® is an innovative and intelligent technology solution for misconduct reporting that allows clients to manage their global hotline services through a whistleblowers' own handheld devices and web portal. IntegraCall® AI Whistleblower Platform is integrated with the ComplianceDesktop® Compliance Technology Platform, an advanced case-management tool to manage incidents from beginning to end, from case triage to conducting investigations and implementing remedial actions. Unlike conventional hotlines, IntegraCall® is smart, simple, has a fixed price, secure, guarantees full anonymity, its trendy and involves little to no human intervention. 

Compliance Managed Services

For a minimal fee, clients can outsource their third party processing, managed database screening and operational compliance projects through our Compliance Managed Services. The value to the client is that they free up valuable time and resources so they can focus on high-end, strategic initiatives and gain additional support for time-consuming, resource-intensive parts of their compliance programme. This is all done for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

Certified for Compliance® (ETHIC Intelligence®)

The ISO 37001 Standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems is now in force and companies are able to be certified by an ISO-accredited certification body, ETHIC Intelligence®. Clients with certified ABAC programmes have proof to show that they have built a world-class compliance management system and able to show regulators and customers their commitment to ethical business practices. With more standards due to be released by ISO including one related to general compliance programme (ISO 19600 successor) and also for whistleblower programmes, certification is becoming a requirement and part of comprehensive compliance programme.