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The Red Flag Group® launches seventh generation due diligence reports

The Red Flag Group® launches seventh generation due diligence reports

After months of intense consultation, market research and client engagements, The Red Flag Group® is launching the seventh generation of IntegraCheck® due diligence reports on 1 October 2018. 

IntegraCheck® 7.0 has been developed to ensure that we continue to help you efficiently meet your due diligence obligations - without interrupting your day to day business goals through costly administrative tasks. We will be providing you with quality data analysis, business intelligence and risk analysis, benchmarking, and strong visuals to help you make Better Decisions in selecting your key business partners.

Over the previous months, internal and external subject matter experts have been assessing market dynamics, consulting with industry thought leaders and actioning your feedback to build IntegraCheck® due diligence reports that ensures that you have access to valuable proprietary, subscribed and open source data and intelligence you need to make Better Decisions.

Apart from an enhanced feel and look, IntegraCheck®7.0 introduces The Red Flag Group®’s proprietary risk rating system, built from over 12 years’ risk experience of conducting due diligence all around the world, called IntegraRating®. In addition to stronger risk rating, we will also provide further context and clarity to our reports by including Peer Benchmarking.

The Peer Benchmarking in IntegraCheck® 7.0 utilises historical and current data relating to similar companies working in the same industry and country. Providing this context lets you understand more clearly how your business partners compare when measured against their peers.

IntegraCheck® 7.0 introduces risk scoring which assesses the key risks that reside in different areas of a business like its overall integrity, financial or operational profile. The scores are measured on a 0-to-10 scale with the score being calculated on key elements such as source, industry, laws and regulations, and local insight. 

The enhanced visual and tabular presentation provides easy absorption of the identified issues and minimises information overload. This has been done to provide a clearer 360° business overview of your business partners while focusing on concerns that matter most to you based on your industry and risk exposure.

Scott Lane, CEO and Chairman of The Red Flag Group® said, “The development of our ratings system and methodology is an important development of the Firm and the support that we give to clients to understand their business partners. This will be the first stage of several where we dig deep into the ratings aspects of our reports. The value to a client is clear. The rating allows comparisons. It supports an independent layer of interpretation against a standard. It gives the best possibility of a benchmarking standard that exists in the market”.