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Moving away from manual by streamlining workflows and company-wide consistency

Moving away from manual by streamlining workflows and company-wide consistency


This manufacturing client was challenged because its global compliance process was all manual and on paper. The global team had different language requirements, but the current programme was only in English. There were also problems storing, reporting on and searching for the policies, making it difficult to have a clear sense of where everything was located and to make quick decisions.

The client came to The Red Flag Group® to help find a solution that could be scaled and implemented globally.


The Red Flag Group® introduced the client to the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform to store, report and research online versus offline.

As part of the comprehensive implementation, our Client Services team:

  • worked to enhance the client’s scoring
  • translated all questionnaires into 18 languages to match the user interface
  • added a GDPR privacy opt-in into the questionnaire

  • customised client-specific user guides
  • provided enhanced reporting and questionnaire analysis for optimisation
  • provided onsite advisory to review their on-paper workflows so adjustments could be made online in ComplianceDesktop®.

Overall, our solution addressed the client’s need for a holistic system to manage their compliance programme, streamline workflows and ensure consistency throughout the company.


ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform, including:

  • New workflow design to prompt workflow reduction
  • New external and internal questionnaires and risk-based scoring
  • Administrative and end-user training

  • On-site implementation
  • Translations

Why The Red Flag Group®

Dedicated, accessible support

We provide 24/7 support for our clients and this client was no exception. They received extensive training for administrators and end users, an on-site implementation and dedicated Client Services Support Manager that took over after the Implementation Manager to ensure a smooth transition.

Knowledge and advisory

Our teams are compliance experts and we were able to provide guidance to the client on what it takes to build a successful global compliance programme.

Centralised place to store and record

All of the client’s compliance data was now available from one location for a holistic, integrated view.

Extensive user interface language availability