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Technology and infrastructure reviews for third party programme implementation

Technology and infrastructure reviews for third party programme implementation


The client is a mega engineering company that identified the need to use technology to implement an integrity programme around its suppliers and distributors. However, simply plugging in another SaaS product was not really an option.

We had to check the client's existing systems and processes to see how we could implement a programme using the existing solutions.


Our teams worked alongside the company's technology and compliance personnel to understand the infrastructure and systems that posed the highest risk in their business unit. We suggested they use their internal systems to implement all or part of the programmes.

This meant adding data into current screening systems and using data-collection systems (such as the website and CRM) to build a dataset.


New design and infrastructure diagrams showing the basic structure of how to implement a programme using existing systems.


About two months in total. We set up several system walkthroughs and discussions to find the right people that understood the systems across the group.

Why The Red Flag Group®


All of our IT experts and legal experts are practical and know our systems inside out. We have a pragmatic approach and attempt to implement simple solutions without making any drastic changes to our client’s business models.

Extensive system knowledge

With our knowledge of systems and best practices, we could easily suggest places to leverage the client’s existing systems to implement a more effective programme.

Fixed price

We charge a fixed price with no project scope creep.