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COVID-19 risks now added to IntegraWatch®

COVID-19 risks now added to IntegraWatch®

With increasing global challenges as a result of COVID-19, we are announcing today a significant product release. We are now including in our database companies that have had COVID-19 related risks that have caused their business or operations to be severely restricted.

An example of one of the entries in the IntegraWatch® database might include information about a particular non-essential company having been reported publicly for putting workers at risk by ignoring social distancing, or perhaps a work stoppage orders where the company is now laying off significant portions of their workforce and creating a business continuity risk. These entries will be identified as business continuity risks in our database risk rating system which will allow you to easily filter or sort in or out these risks during your searches.

In addition to this content, we are pleased to announce that all the profiles in the database now have a risk rating using a five-point scale based on the seriousness of the risks they pose. Red flag types will be categorised as Significant, Major, Moderate, Minor, and Information detailing the severity of the risk from our perspective. This is important for you because it will allow you to focus on the most important risks and filter/sort your results for quick review. Clients rely on us to help them categorise risk every day and our role is not just simply to provide a block of data but the data must be curated, risk-rated and ranked to be of maximum value to you. Users that access IntegraWatch® through their instance of the Compliance Desktop® platform will see these enhancements rolled out in April 2020.

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