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ETHIC Intelligence® accredited by COFRAC for its ISO 37001 certification

ETHIC Intelligence® accredited by COFRAC for its ISO 37001 certification

ETHIC Intelligence® has reinforced its commitment to ensuring the lasting credibility of its ISO 37001 certification by receiving COFRAC accreditation, in addition to its existing ANAB accreditation.

This accreditation demonstrates once again that ETHIC Intelligence® operates against the requirements of the ISO 17021-1 conformity assessment, which is set for all management system certification bodies. It also confirms that ETHIC Intelligence conducts audits and technical reviews with the highest standards of qualification and competence for all personnel in the certification process.

“Although we had started the ANAB accreditation before COFRAC proposed an accreditation scheme for ISO37001, we felt it important to get this accreditation with COFRAC, as it is the only French accreditation body, and as it is important for a number of customers on the French market, which is where we started our activity. Accreditation is important to ETHIC Intelligence®, as it shows that in addition to being a boutique Certification Agency focused specifically on the certification of compliance management systems, it also confirms that we have very competent personnel in the compliance field. We are proud that at ETHIC Intelligence® we apply the same standards as any large Management System Certification Body and therefore our certificates are recognised internationally”, said Fabien Joly De Bresillon, ETHIC Intelligence’s General Manager.

The importance of demonstrating one’s commitment to ethical practices has only increased in recent months. Demonstrations in Hong Kong, Lebanon and Chile are just a few examples of the increasing demand for ethical governance demanded by civil society. People are leaving work and school to demonstrate their conviction that things must change. Demonstrators expect and demand that both businesses and governments commit to ethical practices.  Whole countries are standing up against government corruption and misuse of public funds.  Higher standards are expected from companies. Good corporate governance is now a sine qua non for investors and other stakeholders. Certification of an organisation’s anti-bribery or anti-corruption management system proves to stakeholders that the organisation has made its best effort to respect these demands.

Government enterprises, companies and NGOs have an obligation to respect their funding and their stakeholders and gain proof through certification.

ETHIC Intelligence® pioneered the certification of compliance programmes back in 2006, long before any ISO standard in this area was released. These days, ETHIC Intelligence® focuses its attention on the now universally accepted ISO standards 19600 (Compliance Management Systems) and 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management Systems) to help companies give their compliance programmes a competitive advantage.