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IntegraCall® Voice – new feature of IntegraCall®

IntegraCall® Voice – new feature of IntegraCall®

Dear valued client,

I am very pleased to announce that on 1 May 2020 we will release Version 2.0 of our whistleblower platform. This release of IntegraCall® includes the ability for users to report issues via a dedicated client phone line.

Now while that sounds pretty normal, what’s not normal about our model is that the phone is answered by Nicole, our AI-driven chatbot powered by IBM Watson. Nicole will have a dialogue with the reporter, collect the information, transcribe it to text, record it and submit the fully secure and encrypted report into your case management system within seconds.

Businesses simply cannot continue to solely rely on people. People are expensive, they go on holidays, and they catch viruses. But Nicole doesn’t – even software viruses can’t hurt Nicole! She is, as they say, a machine. Technology has finally come to the hotline business.

Of course, if the reporter prefers to use a chat feature within the IntegraCall® App, Nicole can do that too. She is also multilingual.

The benefits are clear:

  • Nicole never takes a day off and is available 24/7
  • Nicole is significantly cheaper to operate than a traditional call centre and we pass those savings on to our clients (up to 80 percent cheaper than what companies are paying now)
  • Nicole can receive and send chats through the IntegraCall® App and online portal in multiple languages and provide translations in minutes at no charge
  • Nicole can understand accents and she is learning more and more languages that will be progressively released

IntegraCall® also offers high security and a data-protection commitment. Get on to the new wave of hotlines by using smart technology at a substantially lower cost.

If you are looking to reduce your costs considerably yet add significant value, IntegraCall® is your answer. Your staff will love it!

Check out our new offering on and be up and running in as little as just a few hours.

Best regards,

Scott A. Lane

CEO & Chairman