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IntegraCheck now available on Salesforce

The IntegraCheck® App is now available on Salesforce!

The IntegraCheck® App is now available on Salesforce!

You can now request and receive IntegraCheck® due diligence reports directly from your existing CRM. Validating the health of your relationships with counterparties before doing business with them has never been so easy.

We are pleased to announce that IntegraCheck® is now available in the Salesforce AppExchange® store. Leverage up to 30 key risk areas by curating data within Salesforce® to reduce administrative tasks and effectively manage your due diligence process.

Not using Salesforce? No problem. Our integration technology plugs into various other CRM platforms and ERP systems. Streamline and improve your due diligence ordering process by integrating IntegraCheck® into your existing management systems.

Interested in learning more? Contact our due diligence experts today.

IntegraCheck® app features

Due diligence button

With the click of a button, you can start your due diligence orders within seconds from any account or entity’s Salesforce record. No more waiting around for back and forth emails.

Reduce admin tasks

Auto populate account and entity fields with information already existing in your system. That's right, less admin work for you

Live status updates

Receive instant notifications on your report's status so you can stay up to date and make decisions as fast as possible.

Stay organised

Reports are automatically uploaded into the account record via PDF for easy viewing and management. Access all historical reports from within Salesforce®!