The Red Flag Group®
Annual Report 2017/2018

The Red Flag Group® helps you make Better Decisions in selecting your key stakeholders

The Red Flag Group® helps you make Better Decisions in selecting your key stakeholders

For 12 years, The Red Flag Group has helped clients make better decisions. It is at the core of how we communicate, who we are and how we help our customers. So we’ve decided to make ‘Better Decisions’ our tagline.

Our mantra as a business is clear: provide data, intelligence, ratings, advice and counsel to our clients to help them make Better Decisions in selecting key stakeholders. We continue to build solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses by providing the most comprehensive and detailed information on private companies anywhere in the world. Clients rely on us every day to support them in making Better Decisions.

Our portfolio of solutions has been designed to help our clients make those Better Decisions.

  • We have pay-as-you-go research, data and intelligence on companies anywhere in the world to support your due diligence requirements. Our pay-as-you-go product, IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence, is more than just a compilation of public-source information. Our research team of experts critically collects, validates, reviews, analyses and rates all available information about a company and their operations and explains what it means to you. Our proprietary rating system, known as IntegraRating®, gives you the peace of mind to rely on our assessments, saving you time and money.
  • Our subscription-based solution, IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening, is a database of over five million companies and people that have been involved in negative compliance issues across 30 risk areas. It covers all industries and over 194 countries. The database is built and maintained in-house and is updated daily. We can even set up alerts to notify you when something changes or a new name is added.
  • Supplier Integrity® onboarding technology has been created for companies that have hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of third parties (including suppliers, donors, franchisees and channel partners) and need a solution to help on-board those third parties. Our onboarding solution automatically risk rates each supplier across 30 risk areas, features customisable workflows, and meets all necessary risk and compliance requirements.

“Our experience with The Red Flag Group has been exceptionally positive. The team goes beyond what is in the contract to meet AECOM's due diligence needs. The Red Flag Group’s best asset is its people.” Grace Michallet, CCEP-I, CFE, Director, Corporate Ethics and Compliance, AECOM.

“The Red Flag Group’s team of experienced professionals took the time to understand our business in the context of our core values, industry and target markets to better advise us on how to address the key risks we face. Importantly, they helped us to articulate our compliance requirements in a manner that enables our people to make better decisions with respect to our suppliers, business partners and other key stakeholders” Maree Myerscough, General Counsel, Conergy Asia Pte. Ltd.

Our focus remains on our customers and how we can help them to make better decisions in selecting better business partners.