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Know your partners and make smart business decisions

Know your partners and make smart business decisions

Know your partners and make smart business decisions

Our international Client in the aviation industry wanted to know how one of their partners in the Gulf Region was performing, and whether there were any concerns. Utilising The Red Flag Group®’s historical and current dataset, our Middle East and Africa Case Manager, Duaa Tabaza, assessed the Client’s Gulf partner using proprietary peer benchmarking algorithms, and found that the third party was performing below par as its operational profile, financial stability, strategic profile, industry reputation and ownership transparency were below expectations.

After an in-depth discussion with the Client, Duaa recommended a review of the business relationship and to consider engaging with a better performer in the same industry and country.

Two months after the Client ended its relations with the referenced partner, it was reported in the media that the company had filed for bankruptcy and ceased operation, after being investigated for fraudulent activities. A quick and smart decision by our Client helped to avoid financial and reputational losses, as well as minimised unnecessary business disruptions. 

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Duaa Tabaza, Research & Analysis Team (Amman)

Duaa has worked on due diligence projects and compliance investigations in different industries including engineering, logistics and pharmaceutical sectors in the Middle East and Africa. In her research work, she provides a comprehensive analysis on up to 30 risk areas against the region’s regulatory and compliance frameworks. Duaa is well-versed with risk areas that touch on political exposure, corruption and bribery, fraud, organised crime, sanctions, anti-competition, environmental and labour-related issues.