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Our due diligence research leaves no stone unturned

Our due diligence research leaves no stone unturned

We received a request from our Client to verify the legitimacy of the allegations of fraudulent behaviour, embezzlement and document falsification against a European expatriate who worked in Indonesia for many years. The Client was in the process of engaging the expatriate but wanted to us to conduct a discreet background check on the individual and ascertain a series of allegations against the target.

Due to the discreet nature of this request and limitations regarding personal information handling, our Indonesia Case Manager, Mario Harley worked with the local police and other investigative agencies to verify the allegations without undermining laws and regulations governing personal data in Indonesia. 

Our Research & Analysis team conducted on-the-ground investigations to gather local business intelligence. Enquiries were made with highly placed sources active in the legal sphere who confirmed that there is indeed an active investigation against the European expatriate.

The Red Flag Group® demonstrated to the Client how investigations rely on the right regional insight and intelligence.

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Mario Harley, Research & Analysis Team (Penang)

With a background in accounting and finance, Mario has conducted enhanced due diligence risk analysis across up to 30 risk areas for channel partners, third parties, vendors, resellers, distributors, agents and suppliers located in the Indo-China, Southeast Asia and Oceania regions.