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reputational due diligence

The value of reputational due diligence

The value of reputational due diligence

Conducting effective due diligence research and analysis in underdeveloped countries like Ivory Coast in West Africa can be challenging. More so, if access to official public records is impossible or may require facilitation payments due to bureaucratic red tape. However, for our Case Manager, Sevak Ermian, conducting due diligence research in Ivory Coast involves working with a network of certified local resources who are able to provide detailed and reliable local insights on entities and high-profile individuals.

In a recent research project in Ivory Coast, Sevak confirmed the identity and reputation of an honorary consul of a particular country using The Red Flag Group®'s well-established network of local contacts, discreet reputational enquiries and on-the-ground business intelligence.  

Sevak demonstrated to the Client that in the absence of official records, local resources, business intelligence and in-country enquiries can be useful when conducting due diligence research and analysis. 

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Sevak Ermian, Research & Analysis Team (Krakow)

Sevak is in-depth expertise with sanctions and watchlists which has enabled him to help our clients to understand inherent compliance risks in the Middle East and Africa region. Since Middle East and Iran have become a region for multinationals to invest, Sevak seeks to assist our clients to consider compliance challenges before engaging with Middle Eastern partners.