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Webinar: Assessing counterparty risk in high-risk regions

Webinar: Assessing counterparty risk in high-risk regions

High-risk regions can offer good business prospects. When considering counterparties in a high-risk location, your business needs a clear understanding of your risk appetite to decide whether to engage at all. Applying expertise about the location's risk and information landscape is crucial. In high-risk regions, you should still conduct due diligence to avoid taking on any extra risk associated with a specific counterparty and missing out on better opportunities.

Our Director of Research and Analysis, Beth Epstein, explores how better risk intelligence in your due diligence programme leads to increased business opportunity when effectively mitigating unforeseen risks. 

Key takeaways:

  • The value of clear risk statements
  • Differentiating counterparty risk from location risk
  • Integrating risk statements into your high-risk region using due diligence to streamline decision making

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