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Egypt Country Report

Egypt Country Report

Egypt is one of the most developed countries in the Middle East, holding the second-largest economy in Africa. While this has undoubtedly granted it a strong image amongst the world's economies, it is still plagued by high rates of corruption spread across various industries. The most common forms of corruption encountered in Egypt include bribery, embezzlement, tampering with official documents and extortion. A poor legal framework and a widespread culture of nepotism and favouritism render businesses in the country reliant on strong connections to operate.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Areas of corruption in Egypt and the risks they pose for those doing business with Egypt-based companies
  • The full scope of how due diligence is conducted in Egypt and the challenges that are faced throughout
  • What to look out for when facing these due diligence challenges in Egypt

Download our whitepaper to discover the depths of corruption in Egypt and what it means for you.