The Red Flag Group®

Using our solutions

We help companies select the best customers, suppliers and business partners by providing data, intelligence and rating solutions across all industries and countries.

Employee screening and selection

A company’s success and reputation is built on the capabilities and integrity of its employees. It is crucial that employees embrace a company’s values and culture.

Get our help to design and improve integrity and compliance programmes as we’ve worked successfully with many Fortune 500 companies on identifying and filling gaps.

A suite of solutions designed to build, monitor and maintain integrity and compliance programmes at every stage of engagement with employees:

Pre-engagement screening – get to know more about your potential employees and business partners before you start work to ensure that you partner with the right one

Programme building – companies have different maturity levels and we have recommendation at every stage to achieve programme buy in and ROI

Risk assessments – the first step to addressing your employee risks is knowing them. Once this is done, we examine the root issues causing problems and address them

Training – online and in-person. Our innovative adaptive learning software cuts training time of employees by 50% or more

Technology to manage it all – taking the manual and tedious work off your to-do list with software built by compliance professionals for compliance professionals