The Red Flag Group®

Know your donors

Make informed decisions when selecting your donors

Compliance database access

It allows you to instantly screen potential recipients and donors to determine if they have compliance or business issues.

All screened names can be monitored against the IntegraWatch® database on a continuous basis, and you are alerted of new issues or changes in status.

Database screening is the ideal solution for donor organisations and non-profits as it quickly provides information on red flags. IntegraWatch® includes five major compliance lists; issues against any of these are often a deal breaker when it comes to philanthropy:

  • Sanctions
  • Watchlists and blacklists
  • State ownership
  • Political Exposed Persons
  • Adverse media

Access to our database is offered through the following options:

  • Per user web service
  • Enterprise web service
  • API and embedded into our onboarding platform.

Get managed screening services, where our team of compliance and business experts can screen names against IntegraWatch® for you and provide you with results and analysis.

Featured solution

Powering IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening is an expert global researc team that tracks and catalogues risks in up to 30 risk areas across 194 countries. These compliance experts identify issues that could expose you and your company to financial, regulatory and reputational risks, and includes those organisations and individuals in our database.