The Red Flag Group®

Know your donors

Make informed decisions when selecting your donors

Empower your philanthropy with intelligence and diligence

Access to business intelligence and technology to conduct philanthropy with confidence.

An estimated $350 - $400 billion worth of charitable donations is given each year – in the U.S. alone. Companies have a duty to foster growth in their communities. Non-profits, charities and non-government organisations (NGOs) are driven by their purpose – to cultivate change and improvement for just causes.

But donations are sometimes an underhanded method to corrupt, bribe or unduly influence. Governments have strengthened controls around how philanthropy is conducted. Violation of these rules can lead to irreparable harm – loss of reputation, legal infractions or loss of tax exempt status.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge ruin your charitable purpose.

The Red Flag Group® provides solutions so your organisation can understand your recipient or donor and ensure all benefits exchanged meet corporate rules, applicable laws, and public perception. Our featured solutions include:

  • Integrity due diligence reports
  • Compliance database access
  • Onboarding technology

Why The Red Flag Group®?



We understand the complex rules and requirements around donor compliance.


Content knowledge

We implement a variety of research methodologies to gather information on potential recipients and donors.


Not just due diligence

Our technology solutions help you check the permissibility of each contribution, onboard recipients and donors and store knowledge and information for future use.