The Red Flag Group®

Know your partners

The success of any sales channel will come down to the selection of the right partners.

Great partners mean a higher likelihood of generating more profit

Our philosophy is the success of any sales channel will come down to the selection of the right partners in the first place and how they are managed through the life of their contract.

Channel partners, channel management and business leaders turn to us when they need help on making sure the partners they engage will add value to their business and not cause physical damage, loss of business or reputational damage.

Access a full team of research & ratings experts, lawyers, accountants, and subject matter experts across 20+ countries and 45+ languages help clients select channel partners, monitor and train those channel partners to add value to your business, reduce risk and increase sales and profitability.

Get help build and manage channel partner relationships:

Chart showing flow from Programmes, to Technology, to Selection, to Audits, to Investigations


  • Drafting and implementing reseller/distributor codes of conduct, standards, rules, playbooks and standard operating procedures.
  • Building multi-layer channel programmes and helping identify new channel partners.


  • Implementing our onboarding platforms - our SaaS products designed to technologically enable channel onboarding and monitoring initiatives.


Selecting channel partners by providing business intelligence across 194 countries and 45 languages.



We understand how channels are designed and the objectives of channel programmes. Work with the team with most depth of experience assisting channel teams on building the channel partners.


Content Knowledge

From potential bid rigging through to forward sales and channel stuffing. We know what to look for in building the channels across a company and across the world.


Not just due diligence

Manage partners for the life of their contract with you. We help you monitor them, support them with compliance knowledge and assist you with offboarding.

Featured solutions

Onboarding platforms to enable the onboarding process

The ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform helps you and your teams manage your a range of onboarding initiatives.

Our platform handles channel partner onboarding (such as suppliers, distributors, resellers and agents), from initial contact at the onboarding process through to off-boarding.

  • Screening and sanctions reviews and monitoring
  • Case management and issue recording

Integrity due diligence reports on channel partners

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence is the result of years of experience in giving insight to companies on whether their business partners are at risk of causing them damage. We have a proven, quality-assured methodology we apply to ensure that every engagement with you is perfectly delivered and matches your needs.

Reviews and health checks of channel partners

We can review and test obligations under channel partner contracts, including denied party screening and shipping information. Our focus is to make sure that your partners are completing their screening requirements and are complying with the terms of their contracts with you which often obligate them to do a large portion of screening before they ship products.