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We help you select the best franchises

Your franchise’s brand is only as strong as its franchisee network

We provide business intelligence, technology, and consulting services so you can select the best franchisees.

Sixty percent of franchises operate in non-U.S. markets, and seventy five percent plan to accelerate expansion internationally. Selecting the right franchisee partner, at home or abroad, can be challenging. Choosing the wrong partner can severely impact your brand globally.

Consumers expect franchises to be reliable, consistent sources of the products and services they need. Governments and regulators require you to offer the same, consistent quality regardless of location. Strengthen your brand by understanding your franchisees.

The Red Flag Group’s solutions provide you with intelligence and support to find and select the best franchisees. Our featured franchisor solutions include:

  • Integrity due diligence reports
  • Compliance database access
  • Onboarding technology

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Why The Red Flag Group®?



We understand the risks affecting franchisor organisations, and how global regulations and consumer expectations can affect your operations.


Content knowledge

Access to a variety of research methodologies to understand how a franchisee can impact your organisation and brand.


Beyond due diligence

Get technology solutions that help you develop a full franchisee review process, so you can systematically determine which organisations to work with.