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Since 2006, The Red Flag Group® provides highly-enriched information, intelligence, insights and ratings on companies globally to help organisations make Better Decisions™ when selecting and monitoring key stakeholders.

We welcome new talent and new stories to join this ever-growing environment. Tell us your story and join our winning team!

Our teams have been working united in their commitment to developing the role of compliance and ethics in business and have a proven track record in providing integrity due diligence investigations in 194 countries. Our clients use our data, intelligence and technology solutions to: select and manage suppliers, resellers, distributors, agents, franchisees, donors, customers, and employees.

Working at The Red Flag Group® you will:

Experience a truly international environment with colleagues in more than 15 offices worldwide, across 5 continents and colleagues who speak 45 languages.

Have a chance to participate in global projects which have a real impact on the core business.

Work in a growing, fast-paced and exciting environment where you can develop your skills and competences.

Our corporate values

Agility – we are fast-paced and always pro-active. We are responsive and move quickly to predict and meet the challenges that arise from change to best serve our clients, our shareholders and colleagues.

Collaboration – we empower the people around us. We build productive and meaningful relationships with our clients and each other. We embrace diversity and understand that together we can achieve more.

Innovation – we are innovators who seek to create extraordinary solutions. We enhance our client’s businesses through our experience, technology and determination to be their trusted adviser.

Excellence – we continuously reassess to ensure we have the expertise, skills and drive to be industry leaders. We strive to deepen our understanding of our clients so we can exceed their expectations in every interaction.