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The Red Flag Group® offers referral and integration programmes for partners


Referral partners identify opportunities and make direct introductions to our sales teams, who close the deal on our standard contracts.

Referral partners receive a percentage of the commission on all referred revenue in the first two years after acceptance of the account and opportunity. Registration is mandatory prior to receiving any commissions.

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Integration partners are software platform providers who want to expand their software functionality by adding API connections to both our IntegraWatch® and IntegraCheck® databases.

By incorporating UI elements such as a button, software end-users can access our screening and due diligence database products from within the provider’s platform.

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Referral partners are our entry-level partners. We offer referral partners access to online sales, marketing, training and education tools so that they can develop their Red Flag Group® knowledge and business. Referral partners have access to immediate benefits, including:

  • Promotions and incentives
  • Sales tools and collateral
  • Competitive information
  • Webcasts (sales and technical)
  • Web-based training


  • Introduction to The Red Flag Group® products and services
  • Validation that the target client opportunity is not already registered

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Integration partners are compliance and third party management software providers who want to extend their functionality by adding API connections to both our IntegraWatch® and IntegraCheck® databases.

Case study: Access to IntegraCheck® is now available through The Red Flag Group® application in SalesForce® where users can request company and contact due diligence background checks directly with a click of a button. With the IntegraCheck® Salesforce® App, users can actively track each due diligence report's status and download the report from within the app.

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