The Red Flag Group®

Who we help


Channel partners

Grow a better channel with partners that add value to your business. Helping you onboard new channel partners and monitor your performance is our primary focus.

Every channel professional has a focus on developing a strong distributor, reseller, OEM partner, systems integrator or sales agent. We can help you drive sales, increase revenue, keep margins under control and expand your market share while making sure that your channel partners have perfect compliance records and operate at the same high levels that you do internally.

We have solutions to help you manage the legal, compliance and reputational risks around signing up channel partners.

Data and business intelligence

  • Due diligence reports that give you a significant overview of the company or person you are seeking to engage
  • A subscription database (through the web or one of our platforms or accessed via an API) that gives you access to a list of companies and people that have previously been engaged in compliance issues across up to 30 risk areas

Onboarding platforms

We offer two platforms for clients to use when onboarding channel partners: ComplianceDesktop® and Supplier Integrity®. Contact us to get advice on which one will work best for you.

Why The Red Flag Group®?




We have been helping companies build channels and improve their channel partners since 2006.



We help companies verify the histories of their potential partners.



We can give you access to a large volume of data on channel partners.



Our clients get practical advice that is easy to absorb, without legalese, and adds value to the process of selecting and onboarding a channel.