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Compliance officers

Get the information and intelligence you need to advise your business partners about the integrity and business conduct of key stakeholders.

Access data, intelligence and technology solutions to help you give your business critical insights into the integrity of any business partner.

We equip compliance officers with data, intelligence and insights on how to deal with certain counterparties. When compliance officers have a due diligence need, they turn to us to provide the data and intelligence they require to execute their due diligence obligations.

Are you a compliance officer? Contact us now to get the key business intelligence you need to advise your business clients.

Why The Red Flag Group®?



Compliance is what we specialise in. As a boutique firm with broad compliance content and knowledge, companies prefer to engage with us as this is our core competency.



Our products and solutions are focused on building an integrity and compliance programme that adds value to your business and minimises integrity and compliance risks.



We offer strategic advice on how to build and maintain compliance departments and programmes. Our focus is on how you can get things done smarter, more efficiently and for a lower cost.



Our flexibility in the way we operate, charge, report and manage projects means that we suit all companies with their varying corporate cultures.



We can adjust to any budget. Choose pay as you go or subscription, by hour, or by service. We can charge regionally, per country, in multiple currencies and/or charge our invoices to subsidiaries globally.



We are culturally, language and attitude ready. The development of our assets globally is not only important to our firm, it also adds significant value to our clients’ businesses.