The Red Flag Group®

Who we help


Corporate development

Whether you are looking for acquisition targets or conducting due diligence, we help you select companies with integrity, ethics and an understanding of compliance.

Corporate development, mergers and acquisitions and strategy teams are tasked with growing businesses, either through organic customer development or through the acquisition of partners or competitors.

We can help you uncover the compliance and integrity risks associated with target companies and their executives, directors and shareholders.

Our work and business intelligence are often used to:

negotiate any compliance matters in the closing contracts that need to be completed by the target company post-investment

find out whether the owners and key personnel have had prior issues around integrity or compliance violations

gain an understanding of the companies’ reputations in the market and how they operate

Why The Red Flag Group®?




Our competitors focus on financials, markets and tax exposure, but we focus on compliance, integrity, ethics and how a target company or person represents themselves.



Law or accounting firms will flag conflicts when conducting due diligence in this area, but with us, regardless of whether we do or don’t work for you in other areas, we can still act for you in an investment due diligence.



Our skillsets in markets and conducting due diligence are unmatched by our competitors.



Our global presence means that we can work in 194 countries and be on the ground very quickly if necessary.



Our plan is always to get in and get out – we don’t waste time trying to stretch out projects or add additional people to increase fees – and our fees are almost always fixed.