The Red Flag Group®

Who we help


Corporate social responsibility professionals

Corporate social responsibility teams are essential in managing the reputation of a company.

It is simply no longer acceptable for a company to ignore sustainability, corporate stewardship, product stewardship, safety or environmental issues or issues around climate change. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) role is becoming more and more important to identify and proactively manage.

Our products and solutions in this area focus on managing your company’s reputation by making sure that it complies with the standards that have been set for it.

Data and business intelligence

Supplier background intelligence and information to help you ensure suppliers meet the expectations and requirements of supplier codes of conduct, as well as provide products that meet compliance, environmental and ethical-sourcing standards

Due diligence reports on companies and people across 194 countries

Subscription access to our database of companies and people that have had previous issues across up to 30 key risk areas, through a web portal (, integrated into our own onboarding technology platforms, or through an API

Onboarding technology

Our Supplier Integrity® platform supports automatic risk assessments for companies and people and suggests recommended courses of action, both internally and externally.

Why The Red Flag Group®?




Our global team of professionals can help build and manage CSR programmes. We have the ability to manage these programmes on an outsourced basis in country if necessary, to add resources to stretched in-house teams.



Our comprehensive analyses are much more than simple ‘check-the-box’ reports.



We can give you access to technology solutions to roll out questionnaires to suppliers and other parties, build CSR-based websites, and produce apps and other supplier engagement solutions.



We have a ready-made database of companies and people that have been involved in risk areas relevant to corporate sustainability and corporate reputation. Our data is available and licensed to clients in a variety of formats and through a variety of platforms.