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Export control and trade compliance

Shipping products or providing services to the wrong entities or in the wrong countries can lead to significant legal exposure and reputational damage.

Export-control, trade-compliance and legal teams are often all focused on how to comply with export controls and sanctions rules dictated by governments around the world. The myriad regulations and restrictions make it challenging for any company to conduct global trade.

Our solutions focus on screening counterparties, making sure that the people and the locations you are selling or delivering product to are safe and not subject to restrictions. We are focused on building these systems into your company to avoid costly errors. Our solutions also make it simple to conduct investigations, trace products and shipments, and look into the backgrounds of end users and the end uses of certain products and services.

Why The Red Flag Group®?




With teams located in 15 countries and with 45 languages spoken, we are ready to help you in a matter of hours. Our unique ability to have compliance analysts and resources reviewing suspect transactions is a key focus for our teams.



Get ready-made technology, built and managed by us and available immediately on a SaaS platform for simple user- or enterprise-based pricing.


Ready-made database

Our global database of sanctions and watchlists and companies and people that have been involved in export-related issues across 194 countries is available for you to use. Monitor the companies that we search on a daily basis and be alerted when things change.