The Red Flag Group®

Who we help


General counsels and legal

Get due diligence reports on companies and people across the world.

Support merger and acquisition activity by providing deep reviews and intelligence on the subject company and its management, investors and customers.

Investigate misconduct – whether internally or through a third party acting on your behalf – and conduct background checks as part of a compliance-driven programme covering the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), sanctions, antitrust, export control, human rights and conflict minerals.

We also provide litigation support to identify defendants, associated parties and assets. Are you a general counsel or legal counsel? Contact us now to get the key business intelligence you need to advise your business clients.

Why The Red Flag Group®?




The work we do is privileged when we are instructed by counsel. We are responsive and adept at dealing with sensitive matters, and we ensure the implementation of precise processes.



As an independent voice to in-house or external counsel, we provide products and services in any desired area.



The agility of our experts allows us to uncover all investigations quickly and efficiently – including FCPA misconducts on a corporate level down to individual cases.



We fix our prices so you know our scope and our price upfront.



We give you guidance, support and access to our resources to help you leverage your business by identifying risk-mitigation tasks.