The Red Flag Group®

Who we help


Human resources

Make empowered decisions when hiring employees or contractors.

Our focus is to help human resources teams hire great employees and contractors that add value to their business by promoting great ethical leaders and minimising potential integrity and compliance risks.

We help you access the information you need about a new employee or contractor so you get a more intensive review that focuses on senior executives and senior hires. This is our value proposition and our main focus.

Why The Red Flag Group®?



Content expertise

We understand the law and the best practices of global companies across 194 countries. Get additional value from hiring qualified candidates and overcoming hiring obstructions.



We offer a flexible approach to helping you select your employees and contractors in accordance with your obligations under the law and your company’s best practices.


Fixed price

We are transparent about our fees by setting fixed prices and ensuring there is no room for misinterpretation. We work with you in any currency or country.



Having worked on employment and contractor intelligence in every region, our teams have the experience and the right tools to deliver expertise in high-risk markets.



Our advice and projects are designed to be practical, intelligently structured and easily implemented and managed by your team.